The easi joist metal web system has numerous advantages over other flooring systems.

Its open web design allows for the following:

  • Easier and faster installation of services, reduced site labour costs, such as drilling or complex pipe re-routing.
  • Less timber used than a traditional floor joist system, minimising shrinkage and thereby producing a quieter floor.
  • Site specific joists eliminate waste and increase speed of erection.
  • Easier and quicker installation of floor and ceiling finishes.
  • Reduced “whole floor” costs compared with other flooring solutions.

Easi joists are being specified in more diverse roles, such as long span pitched roof structures or flat roof terraces.

We are members of TRADA and hold third party accreditation for quality control, design and manufacture of all of our products, including timber frame panels, with CATG certification. This makes us fully compliant with new-build warranties. Please see our links page for relevant certificates.

Please click here for the Easi-Joist technical manual (pdf opens in new page) or contact us to discuss your requirements.