Principal Trusses

Exposed Principal Trusses are designed to carry the roof load whilst leaving the inside of the structure exposed to the room below.

Basically, the rafters take the roof load onto the ridge beam, and the trusses carry the ridge beam over a spacing of 2~3m, depending upon the load duty.

To enhance the open space within a room, whether it is a barn conversion, modern build or a conservatory sun-room, our principal trusses are delivered in a cleaned, stop-chamfered state, suitable for staining, varnishing or just natural wood.

We can manufacture in a wide range of timber products, from Glulam to Green Oak, or to a Structural Engineer’s particular design requirements – we treat every job individually, with cost, structure and aesthetics being the three overriding factors.

On bolted trusses we are now able to offer steel connecting plates with a range of decorative designs. Please contact us for more information.